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Are you an employer looking to hire professional nurses and healthcare assistants?

Are you a qualified nurse looking for new career opportunities?

Did you know that you can keep your loved ones safe and independent at home?

Would you like to make a difference in people’s lives and work as a care assistant?

A1 Healthcare Recruitment Personnel

Why A1 healthcare recruitment ?

Why A1 healthcare recruitment personnel is unique?

A1 Rekruttering is more than just a staffing service; it is the ultimate option for employers looking to find excellent employees to grow their business, and for employees looking for the right company to further their career goals.

A1 is your partner first and your supplier second. By striving to understand the needs of our customers, our goal is to become the area’s first and best choice for quality candidates and tremendous opportunities.

We share a common goal of building relationships based on trust, this shared goal helps us to deliver our belief that great people make great companies.

Our long-term success has been based on matching qualified candidates with employment opportunities at the finest companies. Knowledge is power in understanding the needs of both our client companies and qualified candidates. Because we know that there are still successful companies and dedicated employees who haven’t met yet, our goal is to provide the perfect solutions for companies and the best opportunities for employees.

With an extensive experience of over 20 years within the HR industry, A1 has shaped its tailored recruitment strategies by investing in both thorough recruitment tools as well as educational & training programs. At A1, we are aware that the best candidates are looking for the best employers, hence our goal is to make sure that A1 always remains an employer of choice. The company culture, the leadership style and employee engagement initiatives are all used to create a working environment that inspires and attracts top candidates.

Why choose A1 candidates?

Starting with its own database of over 15000 nurses and care assistants, A1 uses comprehensive recruitment channels and direct partnerships with key organizations around Europe to attract the right talents that match our core company values.

On top of tailored recruitment tools and psychological tests, we run our own language and medical skills training centre, which allows us to welcome onboard nurses within Europe of any nationality.

During the intensive training program that they must go through, our nurses show great abilities to learn a new language and culture, the commitment and discipline necessary to complete the demanding training program, and the courage to work in a new country and in a new environment.

This strength of character and the proven ability to face challenges make them dedicated nurses who strive to offer the best care to their patients.

A1 Recruitment Mission

A1 is an independent staffing firm that specializes in recruiting and business consulting services for Norway. Our approach is both personalized and professional. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers which allows us to thoroughly understand what their staffing and small business needs are. With a sense of urgency and professionalism, we take on projects that your company may not have the time to complete, allowing you to concentrate on your company’s bottom line.

Client Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide our clients with employees that exceed their expectations when they need them and for as long as they need them.

Employee Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide our employees with personal attention and work assignments that are commensurate with their experience, training and interests.

A1 Agency Objectives

At A1, we strongly believe that to provide added value for each and every one of our clients, we must listen attentively to their requirements and learn.

We strongly believe that from the welcoming smiles at the reception desk to the wisdom of senior management, everyone is there to add value and, ultimately, profit to their company. We believe that when a customer instructs us to represent their interests, that responsibility has been transferred to us and we must understand their business goals as well as their HR goals and focus our services on achieving both these goals. Therefore, our objective is to provide what the client wants by designing unique solutions that are not based on a single service, but will typically combine the services of many parts of our organization.

A1 Recruitment Values

Our common values give us a sense of direction when the climate is foggy. These values provide a framework for individual decision-making at every organizational level and equally pertain to relationships with customers, staffing associates, and co-workers. Our values work in unison to create a company of pride and purpose. It is our dedication and expertise that back these core values:

  • People are the most important aspect of our business;
  • Ethics, honesty, integrity, and openness guide our behavior;
  • Communication and collaboration are encouraged and rewarded;
  • We are committed to exceptional employees, clients, and candidates;
  • Every individual is treated with respect.